Editora: Arkivia Books
Autor: Vincenzo Sguera
Páginas: 147
ISBN: 978-8888766058
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Created with unrivalled care, passion, and dedication, this ‘design studio in a book/DVD’ provides graphic designers, artists, stylists, and anyone in need of artistic inspiration with more than 500 free and ready-to-use character designs. “Styling Book 2: Character Mania” presents 16 families of characters, with more than 500 developments, in 16 model sheets with patterns, logos, and scenes. The book of designs is accompanied by a free Windows and Mac compatible CD that contains all of the designs in high-resolution, full-colour, 100 per cent size – ready to reproduce whenever you need. This book features 16 families of characters, and over 500 developmental possibilities. A free DVD is included – with use of all characters.