Editora: Gingko Press
Autor: Sandu Cultural Media
Páginas: 256
ISBN: 978-1584235071
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Highly stylized with delicate gestural flourishes or grounded in abstract geometric forms, plant inspired graphics are instantly distinguishable.
With recognition of their forms hard-wired into our brains, they provide comfort, a reminder of our shared connection to the natural world and a balm to the austerity of urban living. Some reinforce a company’s green ethic or product output; others provide a renewable aesthetic to build visual identity around. With petals or bracts, pinnate or palmate leaves, one trunk or multiple stems — the seeds of inspiration are as vast as the hundreds of thousands of known plant species in existence.
A growing trend, this very original collection presents the best in contemporary design incorporating plant graphics onto album covers, bags, business cards, invitations, menus, posters, product packaging and more.