Editora: ArtPower
Autor: Xu Karen
Páginas: 488
ISBN: 978-9881574206
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Over the past few years a somewhat new movement in the art and design world has emerged, using paper as its central core. While some have worked for many years in this field, a whole new generation of artists have joined their ranks. This book explores some of the best in this field from around the world, delving into their works and showing us many of their most favourite, unique pieces. The emergence and interest in this art form globally is perhaps born out of reaction, conscious or unconscious to a world saturated by technology and the need for artist to express themselves using one of the simplest of materials available, paper, to create images and forms that excite and amaze their audience and show what we, as humans can make. While some may hand cut and others apply laser cutting methods to their work, the amazing diversity and complexity of the pieces presented in this book offer a fascinating window into how art can again evolve and where human ingenuity can reinvent even the simplest of materials into fresh new forms. Each artist forges the same medium to create images and art that are truly their own individual vision, turning the simple, featureless plain piece of paper into the unexpected, and surprising us with what seems a limitless narrative to those worlds. Paper Art, not only explores these worlds but highlights what makes us uniquely human within the animal kingdom – the process of creativity.