Editora: Victionary
Autor: Victionary
Páginas: 256
ISBN: 978-9881320339
Valor: R$ 198,00


In a departure from the realm of pure chromatic design, this surprising new volume in Viction:ary’s bestselling Palette series investigates the use of transparency in design. From crystal clear translucency through a full range of opaque treatments, designers use the latest in materials and printing techniques to create interest and mystery. From the whimsical to the ingenuous, the designs conceal or reveal, incorporating color, pattern and typography in this interplay of layers. Some are interactive, requiring the participation of the consumer or even light itself to produce the desired effect. Other designs quietly demonstrate their visual power, appealing to our innate sense of wonder. This volume includes a diverse assemblage of examples from the fields of architecture, fashion, print, product, packaging design and more.