Editora: Victionary
Autor: Victionary
Páginas: 304
ISBN: 978-9881320346
Valor: R$ 189,00


Expanding the spectrum of visual greetings from business cards to include greeting cards and invitations, the third of Nice To Meet You collection encapsulates the new perspectives designers have brought forward in representing companies and individuals in unique small brand items.

Nice To Meet You Again aggregates an epic body of printed greetings that speak values, vision and tell stories in limited space with thoughtful details. While interactive elements and sculptural artefacts guarantee attention, masterly produced graphic touches still constitute an effective way to deepen memories. Garnering more than 130 recent works from 100 creative units around the globe, the book spots distinctive conceptions and productions by means of size, materials, colour use and finishing techniques. It is an indispensable reference for small businesses and individuals who aspire to be an imposition on their clients’ mind.