Editora: SendPoints Books
Autor: Lin Shijian
Páginas: 336
ISBN: 978-9881961020
Valor: R$ 135,00


At once a visually appealing gift item and a pun, Hello, Mr. Package! is a lush, royal blue compendium of the best package design by male designers all around the world. Projects range from high-end pet supplies, to garden seedlings in re-sealable 100% corrugated cardboard packs, to designer toys and fashion accessories.
Plates designed to look like a colorful nutrition wheel cheekily remind you to watch your portions, and health and beauty, food, and beverage items feature prominently. Even novelty items in Hello, Mr. Package! can tantalize your taste buds; an entirely unique set of mini notebooks takes the saying “the best thing since sliced bread” quite literally, as the notebooks are shaped and packaged to look like a cellophane-wrapped loaf of sliced bread!
Hundreds of clever projects are featured within a faux-velvet cover that closes with a hidden magnet to create a unique package that both satisfies the senses and presents a collection of forward-thinking contemporary and international design projects.