Editora: Victionary
Autor: Victionary
Páginas: 272
Idioma: Inglês
ISBN: 978-9889822828
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In this book, we talk about graphics that create relationship with us. It is not only a relationship between audience and the entity, like what we would get from reading a flyer or seeing a poster, but a more intimate relationship with our lives. This relationship encompasses all design disciplines – including graphic design, fashion design, interior design and industrial design, etc.

Most of us can recognize the value of good design in major undertakings such as building a house; few of us give it much thought in our daily items. To a lot of people, design is like a trend, but rather an art of making objects look beautiful. It is true that many designers are going under the trend, however, good design isn’t reliant on anything. ‘Graphics Alive’ brings you to discover this omnipresent power of ‘graphics being alive’ around us. From big to small, from head to toe, the survey comprises of study of top international brands to unique projects by design experts and also up-and-coming designers.