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Creating a brand is nothing. Creating a brand that moves consumers in the deepest recesses of their souls–and their pocketbooks–is everything. Why buy a Honda over another import? Why pay for XM when broadcast is free? Boots are boots–why pay extra for Doc Martens? Only a very few advertising agencies can drive consumers to the market with an urgent need to buy a particular brand. Excellence in Brand Advertising looks at 25 top agencies that successfully sell sex appeal, lifestyles, solutions, and almost impossible dreams. Part alchemy, part chemistry–these innovative agencies work their magic again and again. Discover all the secrets of how they do it, with in-depth analysis and hundreds of inspiring, intriguing examples that illuminate our consumer culture today.

* What drives consumers to buy? Learn the secrets of 25 top agencies

* Case histories and in-depth analysis

* Insider’s view of how the best ad agencies influence buyers and today’s culture