A Graphic Style Manual for Effective Image Solutions in Graphic Design

Editora: Rockport Publishers
Autor: Aaris Sherin
Páginas: 168
ISBN: 978-1592538072
Valor: R$ 57,00


Imagery is powerful and evocative. It is one of the most important cornerstones of successful visual communication, and working with imagery is a vital skill for every designer. This authoritative book shows how successful sourcing, creation, and use of imagery can be applied to professional graphic design. As a new addition to the Design Elements series, this essential volume covers when, where, and how to use imagery and explores the unique power images have over an audience.

In these pages, you’ll learn:

– How to choose the best photos and illustrations for a project

– The most effective ways to alter images

– Composition techniques

– Strategies for sourcing images on a tight budget

– And more

With eye-opening examples of real-world projects, Design Elements, Using Images to Create Graphic Impact is filled with valuable tips and practical strategies for using imagery to create memorable and effective design