Editora: Lürzer’s Archive
Autor: Lürzer’s Archive
Páginas: 177
ISSN: 175-3218
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Agências Brasileiras Selecionadas:

Print: África (2 campanhas), Agência UM, AlmapBBDO, DM9DDB, DPZ&T, Isobar, Y&R (3 campanhas) e WMcCann.

Film: Y&R e WMcCann.


The „Venus Fly Trap“ of illustrator Ricardo Cabral graces the cover of this issue.
It’s part of a large campaign for an EDM festival, created by Portuguese agency MSTF Partners in Lisbon.
The main interview, titled From the belly of the horse, was conducted by our long-time collaborator Hermann Vaske, who this time talked to the Worldwide Co-Chairman and CCO of Ogilvy, Tham Khai Meng. Vol. 4-2018 was already printed when news reached us that Ogilvy had in mid-July unexpectedly dismissed its longtime global creative head, following employee complaints of unspecified violations of company policy.
The work featured in our Digital section was selected by a brilliant creative duo, Adrian Rossi and Alex Grieve both ECDs from AMV BBDO, London, and the title of our interview with them is We rank second only to hairdressing in terms of award show infestation.

Overall you can find 97 print and 54 film campaigns in this issue, from 35 countries worldwide.