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Páginas: 154
ISSN: 175-3218
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Agências Brasileiras Selecionadas:

Print: África, Agência Mantra, Agência Um, AMP Propaganda, Artplan, Capim.ag, David, D/Araújo, DM9DDB, Mestiça, MullenLowe Brasil e Ogilvy.

Film: AMP Propaganda, Filadélfia, JWT e Propeg/BA

Students: Agência ESPM/RJ.

Digital: FCB Brasil e David.

The cover of our latest issue is the product of a good friend of our magazine: top-ranked photographer Ale Burset, who created this cool shot for Lola MullenLowe, Paris and its client Harley-Davidson, and who – quite coincidentally – featured in our previous issue’s main interview.
The main interview in 3-2019, conducted by Lürzer’s Archive’s “Special Agent” Charlotte Bufler with Susan Credle, Global CCO at FCB, is headlined “Negative energy exhausts me.”
The curator of our Digital section, meanwhile, is Björn Stahl, ECD/CCO and a member of the board at Stockholm-based agency INGO. The title of this interview: “Six months is a lifetime in our business.”
As for the contents of Vol. 3-19, you will this time be regaled with a total of 103 print and 54 film campaigns.