Box It Up


Editora: Basheer Graphic Books
Autor: Basheer Graphic Books
Páginas: 316
ISBN: 978-9810903794

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The humble box has come a long way from its origins as nondescript packaging. Box It Up – Graphic Express demonstrates the multitude of ways cardboard, wood, and other boxes and crates have flourished in mediums beyond simple wrapping and storage. Installations featuring multicolored storage containers, reusable cardboard furniture, and cardboard pop-ups are showcased in chapters “Stack it Up,” “Open it Up,” and “Wrap it Up.” Projects as small as to-go fondu kits and large as fully functional cardboard theatrical stages, friendly as blocky cardboard friends and sophisticated as Nike shoeboxes modeled after 1980s boom boxes fill the pages, documented with bright, high-quality images. Full of constructions that are imaginative as well as downright fun, Box It Up proves that when it comes to innovative design, the “humble