ARCHIVE Vol. 3-2018

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Editora: Lürzer’s Archive
Autor: Lürzer’s Archive
Páginas: 196
ISSN: 175-3218


Entrevista principal com o Diretor de Criação  Pernil –  AlmapBBDO.

Agências Brasileiras Selecionadas:

Print: África (2 campanhas), AlmapBBDO, Candy Shop (2 campanhas), D/Araújo, DM9DDB, F/Nazca, Martpet, Máximo Creative, MP Publicidade, Telecine in-house e Y&R (5 campanhas).

Film: WMcCann.

Students Contest: Miami Ad School.

Classics: AlmapBBDO.

An ad for KFC, done by Ogilvy & Mather, Hong Kong, and Illusion, Bangkok, graces the cover of this issue.
Issue 3-2018 features a total of 103 print and 36 film campaigns from 31 countries.
15 outstanding digital works have been selected by Ricardo Casal and Juan Pena, two creative directors from the DAVID Agency in Miami. The Q&A Editor-in-chief Michael Weinzettl did with them is titled „We’re competing with Trump to get into the headlines.“
The main interview, titled „The ability to create the unlikely,“ Michael Weinzettl did with Pernil, ECD of AlmapBBDO, Sao Paulo, and highest-ranking creative director in Lürzer’s Archive over the past year.