Absolute Stationery Design


Editora: Gingko Press
Autor: Sandu Cultural Media
Páginas: 384
ISBN: 978-1584235057


For most companies, there are many opportunities to reinforce their brand — from business cards and letterhead, to websites, applications and promotional material.

While the design of these artifacts of branding usually merit focused volumes of their own, the projects presented in Absolute Stationery Design represent campaigns that are so strong and cohesive that none of the individual parts need be removed. The context enhances the overall vision, providing encouragement for future generations.

As designers continually challenge themselves to find new sources of inspiration for their clients, new printing techniques evolve that allow for new combinations of graphic output, with the end result being an expanded tool kit we all can utilize. Arts organizations, fashion designers, and software developers alike have access to this knowledge now through the skilled hands of an international roster of brilliant designers.